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Category: Party Wall Surveyor

Party Wall Surveyor Canterbury Business Card

New Business Stationary

Currently in the office looking over the new designs for our stationary this one should last a little bit longer than the current one, new logos updated for professional organisations including the new regulated by RICS logo

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Self Serve Party Wall Notices?

Can I serve my own notices? This is one of those questions we get asked a lot when potential clients contact us for some free advice. It comes with a very simple answer and that is Yes there is nothing within the act which requires

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Party Structure Notice (Section 3)

Party Structure Notice – Section 3 Notice This particular notice is the one most people think of when they discuss the Party Wall Etc Act 1996. It involves the building owner intending to carry out work to an existing party wall that serves both theirs

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Agreed Party Wall Surveyor Canterbury

Amir-Siddique-v-Kowaliw and the Agreed Surveyor

Agreed Party Wall Surveyor It is a staple of the Party Wall Act that the person instigating the work (The Building Owner) shall pay for all the cost involved in meeting the requirement of the act. This is one of those things that Building Owners

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Party Wall Surveyor Canterbury - Party Fence Wall Graphic

Party Fence Walls Explained

So what is a Party Fence Wall? The Party Wall etc Act 1996, introduces a term called a Party Fence Wall and it is one that confuses a lot of people this blog post is about clearing up some of those misconceptions.  The easiest way

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Home Heroes Limited Regulated by RICS

We are now a fully RICS regulated firm and this gives you the confidence that we are qualified, insured and follow the rules of regulation. This doesn’t mean anything changes we are just formalising what we already did and being able to use the regulated

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Update on Notices Blog Posts

We’ve had a bit of interest on our previous blog post on Section 1 Notices which is great and downloads of our DIY templates which is also great including suggestions that maybe we could add a guide to filling out a DIY Notice from this

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Schedule of Condition

Do I really need a Schedule of Condition? It should be noted that a Schedule of Condition is not a requirement of Party Wall etc. Act 1996, and either the adjoining owner or the building owner can refuse to have one. That Being Said A schedule of

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New Web Site Launch

Home Heroes Limited have today launched their new website, with a custom theme, SEO and Free Party Wall Notice Templates for our visitors to use. You Can View Our  DIY Templates here our Section 1,  3 and 6. Please Check back to our blog regularly

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