The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

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As a customer of Construction Company Limited you get access to Party Wall Professionals offering professional advice and support to make sure you meet the legal requirements of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 with regard to your project.

The Party Wall Act - Why bother?

When you carry out party wall work you have legal responsibilities and obligations under The Party Wall etc Act 1996 BUT you have rights as well.

The most common rights used by building owners in relation to these works include:

  • To underpin, thicken or raise a party structure, a party fence wall or an external wall which belongs to the Building Owner and is built against a party structure or a party fence wall, including excavating up to the boundary for foundations for a new wall.
  • Cut into a wall to take the bearing for a beam
  • Raise the height of a wall and/or increase the thickness of a party wall and to cut off any projections/overhangs which prevent you from doing so
  • Demolish and rebuild the party wall including foundations up to the boundary
  • Underpin the whole thickness of the wall
  • Protect two adjoining walls by putting a flashing from higher over the lower, even if this requires cutting into Adjoining Owner’s independent building.

To do these things you need to follow the Party Wall Process and this gives your neighbour the legally required notice that you plan on carrying out these works and getting their permission to carry out the works or failing that if a dispute arises a Party Wall Award.

When utilising the Party Wall etc Act you also get right of entry to carry out work pursuance of the act under Section 8.

Please don't forget the party wall etc act 1996 is the law and is not optional it needs to be followed if your works are those listed in the required sections of the act,

Is my work notifiable?

Why not submit the form and ask, Typical building projects that involve notifiable works include:

  • Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Repairs to party structures (walls and floors)
  • Structural openings in semi-detatched and terraced properties

You are required, by law, to serve notice on any affected Adjoining Owner (as defined by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996) if your works are 'notifiable'.

Through our Partnership with Construction Company Limited

Through our partnership with Construction Company Limited we are able to offer you some special discounts and freebies including:

Free Professionally Served Party Wall Notices

We will serve your notices free of charge, that is a saving of at least £65.00 for your (Maximum 2 Owners / Properties / Notices)
includes all land Registry searches required and a free follow up letter in 10 days if we have no reply

Free copy of our FAQ Guide Book

A free guide book of FAQs about the Party Wall Process to assist you with your project

How do I claim this offer?

Fill in the below web form we will confirm your details with Construction Company Limited to confirm your eligibility, we will then produce a fee proposal for Party Wall awards and schedule of condition if needed and send you a letter of appointment to sign and return to us once we are in receipt of these we will serve your notices for you for FREE!

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