Party wall Surveyors Canterbury


Party Wall Pro Surveyors are able to be appointed by a building owner, adjoining owner and as an agreed surveyor.

We offer our services to all parties of a party wall dispute and take our appointment seriously we can offer advice if you’re a building owner thinking of serving notices, if you are an adjoining owner who has been served a notice you can appoint us to be your Adjoining owner surveyor.

We offer fixed rate awards and variable depending on the complexity of the situation,

Building owners – An owner who wishes to undertake building work which involves the Party Wall etc. Act 1996

Adjoining Owners – this term includes adjoining occupiers with more than a 12 month lease, whose building adjoins the building owners land or for a section 6 notice within 6 metres of the proposed development.

Agreed Surveyor: Home Heroes limited are able to accept appointments as the agreed Surveyor our fees for working as an agreed Surveyor are marginally more expensive than a named surveyor

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