05 May 2019

Party Fence Walls Explained

So what is a Party Fence Wall?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996, introduces a term called a Party Fence Wall and it is one that confuses a lot of people this blog post is about clearing up some of those misconceptions.

The easiest way to define a Party Fence Wall is a wall which stands on land which belongs to separate owners, the sort of walls which are commonly used in terraced and semi-detached dwellings. If the wall falls on only one persons land it is not a Party Fence Wall in the act.

So is my wall a Party Fence Wall?

In most cases you should simply be able to measure your wall, if you can see your wall and the adjoining property which you will be able to in a terrace or semi-detached. If the wall sites between the center (Party Wall) of two properties, even if slightly off center it is safe to assume this is a party wall. In detached houses or properties with very large grounds it may be that you will need a boundary surveyor to determine where your boundaries are.

My deed says my fence is a party fence?

This is confusion in the terms and unrelated to The Party Wall Act this relates to the fence being on the boundary and being the responsibility of both owners. The Party Wall Act does not apply to standard timber or concrete post style fences.

So a Boundary Wall is the same thing?

The simple answer here is not all boundary walls will be party fence walls, if they are build wholly on one owners land the other owner has no right or responsibility for that wall even if the face of it goes over there garden, this includes mounting something to the wall.

Visual Graphic of a Party Fence Wall

[pdf-embedder url="https://www.partywall.pro/wp-content//uploads/2019/05/Party-Wall-Surveyor-Canterbury-Party-Fence-Wall-Canterbury.pdf"]

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