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Party Wall Pro - Trusted Partner Offer

We understand the act isn’t exciting but ignoring them could have repercussions on your business brand and professionalism.

Are you an Architect, Designer, Builder, Loft Conversion or Conservatory company?

If you are any of the above professions or trades it is likely that your work or clients will need Party Wall Advice at some point in future, and this is where we can help our trusted partner offer will give your company its own dual branded page on our dedicated Party Wall Advice website

On this page will be a discount offer for your clients exclusively no one coming directly to us get these offers these include:

  • Free Party Wall Notices – We will serve your clients notices free of charge, that is a saving of at least £65.00 for your clients (Maximum 2 Owners / Properties)
  • Free 10 Day Follow up letters
  • Free Search of the land registry for the correct legal owner for free, and produce and serve the required Party Wall Notice for free.
  • Free Copy of our Frequently asked questions guide book on Party Wall Matters dual branded with your logo and contact details.

This Page will detail the Party Wall Process, the notices and the procedure that will need to be followed and include links to your website.

OK so what do we get out of this, we have decide to build information products and added value rather than spend £1000’s on advertising this way we can offer a  discount for companies who are passing us genuine Party Wall Enquiries your clients feel they have had extra value from you as they realise the free notices are only because they came from you and this is extra value from you this will speed up the process and for some of your clients it will mean the Party Wall Act has cost them nothing because if there neighbour consents there are no fees for them to pay and your not paying anything for this process either.

Terms for your clients to get these offers:

1. They have to fill out a pre-dispute appointment form appointing us as there party wall surveyor
2. We need to be supplied with suitable drawings as required by the act and a list of works being undertaken so we can identify the notifiable work

View an example dual branded page

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